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Online community for charity professionals goes live

CharityConnect, the new online community for charity professionals, has launched.

Its mission is to increase cohesion amongst charity professionals and create a strong sector in the face of an uncertain future.

A small, dynamic team has responded to the need for greater cohesion within the charity sector by launching CharityConnect. This new community aims to bring radical change by creating unity, collaboration and a sector prepared for change.

Of more than 4,000 early adopters already on the site there are:

  • 170 CEOs, Founders and Directors
  • 1,700 fundraisers
  • 2,200 people are engaged in developing their careers

The members represent an impressive range of household name charities, including:

  • Cancer Research UK
  • The Children’s Society
  • Mencap
  • Diabetes UK
  • Amnesty International
  • The RNLI
  • British Red Cross

As well as these larger organisations, the team are keen to empower smaller charities, and are collaborating with The Foundation for Social Improvement (FSI) to make this a reality.

Steve Wexler, founder of CharityConnect says: “People find it really helpful to meet up with their peers from other organisations (both online and offline) to discuss the issues and challenges they face in their jobs. Peer discussion is an essential part of professional development. CharityConnect is designed to enable this to happen.”

CharityConnect is a unique offering for charity professionals from the CharityJob team. It is a space where everyone in the sector can come together and be matched with groups specific to job title and cause, and the ability to engage in discussion with all members. It is distinct from their personal online presence, where the community members are defined by more than their CV and characters are not limited. It is simple to use and free to join.

Influencers of the sector have been involved with the site from an early stage, helping to shape and build the community. Known on the site as ‘Champions’, they include:

  • Laura Croudace
  • Mandy Johnson
  • Stephen George
  • James Gadsby Peet
  • Lucy Gower
  • Rachel Hunnybun
  • Alex Hayes of The FSI
  • Richard Sved
  • Matt Collins
  • Zoe Amar

One Champion, Lizzi Hollis, commented: “Being part of the CharityConnect platform has opened the door to so many new faces in the sector. CharityConnect is an excellent way to network and to be inspired and entertained. The ability to learn, not just from your area of expertise, but from all parts of the sector is refreshing. I can read about areas that aren’t just fundraising, like campaigning, digital and even consultancy. There’s something for everyone here.”

Clare Lucas, activism manager at Mencap and another of the site’s Champions, added: “Collaboration can encourage you but also challenge you to do something different…We have reached a stage in the charity sector today where there are so many charities… and some of us are talking about very similar things. We are much better when we join our voices together as a united front.”

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