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Online fundraising platform helps charities raise £70m

Charities have been helped to process over £70m of donations since the launch of CAF Donate, the platform that gives charities a way to let their supporters give the way they want to give and feel the full benefits of online fundraising.

More than 2,800 charities are now using the online fundraising platform which was launched by the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) in 2014 to support charities. Charities using it benefit from having all donations in one place whether they come online, by post or phone.

CAF’s UK Giving research shows that the ability to accept online donations is becoming ever-more important.  In the past six years the percentage of people in the UK donating to charity online has increased from 4% to 16%. Separate CAF research found that 23% of people in the UK had recently donated through a charity’s website and 26% planned to do so in the next year.

CAF Donate helps streamline the way charities process donations as well as making it easier for supporters to give the way they want to, whether that is through Direct Debit, Card, PayPal or a CAF Charity Account.  It enables charities to set up online fundraising pages and process telephone and postal payments without having to pay a fixed cost.

Figures released by CAF show that:

  • £71.8m has now been raised through CAF Donate since it launched in June 2014
  • 2,856 charities now use the platform

CAF Donate is used by a wide range of charities spanning causes including those in education, health and religious sectors. Prior to the launch of CAF Donate, research by the British Payments Council found that 9 in 10 charities were unable to accept direct debits despite this being one of the most popular ways for people to donate. CAF’s UK Giving Report shows that one in three people choose to give to charity by direct debit every year.

Julie Simpson, Product Manager for Charities at CAF, said: “More and more of us pay for things through our credit and debit cards, online accounts and mobile phones. At the same time, an ever-growing proportion of charitable donations are being made online. It is important that charities aren’t left behind and are able to keep up with the changing ways in which people want to give.

“CAF Donate was set up to ensure charities would be able to accept donations in one place without having to pay a fixed monthly charge or create their own donation platform from scratch.

“It is fantastic to see how much CAF Donate has been able to help charities secure vital funds on which they may otherwise have missed out. With more giving being done online, we would like to see every charity have the ability to receive donations in this way.”

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