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Charities learn how to grow online presence

More than 120 charities benefitted from a free ‘brain-boggling’ day with Google this week, in the process finding out how they can grow their presence online.

Halifax, part of Lloyds Banking Group, and the Halifax Foundation for Northern Ireland, facilitated the free workshop in collaboration with the digital giant and Reason Digital, a specialist agency working with voluntary and community sector.

The training session, held in the town of Cookstown, was specifically aimed at charities, 49% of which – across the UK – lack basic digital skills needed for future growth.

Tips from Google’s Digital Garage – the global organisation’s new course for helping small business owners and digital marketers improve their skills – were highlighted in the ‘digital tune-up’, alongside workshops and networking events.

Jim McCooe, chair of the Northern Ireland executive committee for Lloyds Banking Group, told The Irish Times the response from the charities which attended the Google event had been “fantastic” and early feedback was positive.

“Our aim is to help charities become more adept at boosting the online aspect of what they do,” he said.

“The problem for many charities in Northern Ireland is that they use social media off the side of a desk when there is huge potential to harness it properly.”


Main messages

The two main messages to take home from the event werethat charities which accepted donations online could double in size, while those that are digitally mature” are 28% more likely to report an increase in funding.

“The Halifax Foundation is an independent charity and it is now completely digital, so we are hoping that more charities will tap into our model and reap the benefits,” McCooe added.


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