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New real-time translation app launched to help refugees

A new app has been launched that uses technology to connect refugees with a global network of volunteer translators.

Tarjimly is a Facebook Messenger bot that connects the volunteer translators to refugees and immigrants in dire need of translation services, to speak with doctors, aid workers and legal representatives, to name a few.

Tarjimly alerts translators of requests that are routed to fit them. If they are available, the connection is instantly made for them to enter a secure, anonymous conversation (text, audio notes, video, etc).

Refugees can choose specifically what they want to share and rate their session at the end.

The app is still in demo mode, allowing the team to build its database of translators while people get used to the interface. The only demo currently available is in Arabic, but Pashto, Farsi and Urdu will be added next, as well as other languages. Tarjimly aims to start connecting people with translators in the coming weeks.

The app’s creators say they hope to help as many people as possible by leveraging the power of Facebook, rather than asking users to download and open and use different platforms.

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