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Handle launches promotion for charities

Handle, the performance visualisation platform, has announced £30 discounts for UK charities on yearly subscriptions (usually £99).

Handle is an online platform designed to bring together information from a charity’s website, social media activity, customer feedback, credit score and financial information.

Handle CEO, Olly Betts said: “Time poor and juggling multiple priorities, it’s impossible for the many small charity leaders to be experts at everything, whether that’s as a financial analyst, digital marketer, customer relations expert or social media guru.”

Handle was initially created for small business owners and has been developed and influenced by almost 200 users who had early access to Handle over a six-month period.

Betts added: “I know exactly how hard running a small organisation and protecting your online reputation is, so I am incredibly excited to launch Handle.

“Handle is designed to give time-poor, small charity and business owners the insight they need to succeed, quickly and efficiently. Whether that’s growing donations, protecting what they have or just saving money, the information is available to do all of those things and now it’s in one place.”

Handle is available on a 30-day free trial so you can test drive the entire product before signing up for the full subscription.

Plus, any charity that is registered on the tt-exchange software donation programme will receive £30 off the £99 annual price (delivered as a refund after your annual payment has successfully been processed).

Click here to visit Handle’s website and sign up for an account.

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