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Bitcoin non-profit rolls out donation tracking platform

The use of Bitcoin technology in fundraising has been taken up a notch following the launch of a new  blockchain-based donation platform.

GiveTrack, the platform launched by BitGive, allows donors to transfer, track, and provide a permanent record of the end-to-end route of global transactions.

GiveTrack provides project status updates so donors can see their contributions in action. With the platform, anyone will be able to instantly trace the pathway of a charitable transaction, including the confirmation of delivery and the tracking of project results.

Dawn Newton, a director on BitGive’s Board of Directors said: “GiveTrack is an empowerment tool for non-profits. Donors love to know the impact that their giving has created. It is an absolute motivation for people to give even more. However, donating has been known to be very time consuming and difficult for nonprofits to track. GiveTrack provides a solution by easily allowing nonprofits to onboard and use the system, while their donors can immediately see their giving at work.”

“We are thrilled to announce the launch of GiveTrack, a game-changing technology for philanthropy,” said Connie Gallippi, founder of BitGive.

“GiveTrack epitomises BitGive’s mission to make use of innovative technologies that will improve philanthropic work while driving new donations. We are proud to have developed an effective tool that will aid in humanitarian efforts for causes around the world. This will create operational efficiencies and deepen the trust between charities and their donors.”

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