Facebook looks to boost its giving platform status

Facebook hopes innovation will help it become the world’s largest charity fundraising platform

| 2nd Dec 16

Last week, Facebook used #GivingTuesday to highlight its new charitable giving tool – an innovation the social network hopes will make it the world’s largest charity fundraising platform.

Those in the US logging onto Facebook were greeted by a large advert for Giving Tuesday, one of the 750,000 US-based charities people can raise money for directly on Facebook. Now, charity supporters have an easier way to donate thanks to the new platform – and its donate buttons.

“We know that when people share their stories and connect it with giving, powerful things happen,” said John Cantarella, Facebook’s director of social good partnership at their first Social Good forum held in New York City.

Facebook says it will evaluate charities before they can receive donations and it takes 5% of the total amount raised to cover operational expenses. For the moment, only US-based charities registered with the IRS can use the charitable giving platform.


Social change

Facebook says that it hopes to capitalise in a real desire amongst the general public to share more posts about their donations.

“People don’t usually brag about their giving; they share how many miles they ran or what they ordered for lunch, but not what they gave to non-profits, but we’re seeing a real shift in that,” commented Asha Curran, Giving Tuesday’s technology officer at Facebook’s Nov. 17 Social Good forum in New York City.

It’s hoped the that, if users tell their Facebook friends how much they’ve helped a charity, they’ll encourage others to give too.

“There’s a thing about collective giving to make you feel that you’re part of something bigger than yourself,” Curran added.

It’s hoped the new giving tool will be in the UK shortly – watch this space for news.