Tinder Foundation announces name change

Name change better reflects direction of charity – and avoids dating app confusion

| 24th Nov 16

A digital inclusion charity is set to change its name this week, swiping left on ‘Tinder Foundation’, to become Good Things Foundation – in the process avoiding possible confusion with a certain dating app.

The organisation says the new name will take it into its next phase, as it extends its work to focus not just on digital skills and inclusion, but more broadly on the impact technology can have on solving some of the most pressing social challenges facing the UK.

Good Things Foundation became a charity back in March, keeping its mutual status and governance in the process. The new name reflects those mutual values, and the charitable goals that are central to the ethos of the Sheffield-based organisation.


Clearer message

Chief executive Helen Milner said: “How to make good things happen with digital technology is a question that’s occupied us for the past decade and more. We’ve focussed on bringing digital skills to those who can most benefit from them, growing and nurturing the Online Centres Network, building the Learn My Way learning platform, and supporting over 2 million people to take their first steps with digital.

“Now it’s time to be clearer about who we are, and who we’re not. It’s been fun at times to break the ice with: “No, not that Tinder.” But the confusion hasn’t helped us connect with everyone in the right way! Partnerships are key to what we do, and how we can do more of it, so we needed a name that spoke more clearly about our role and vision.

“We’re focused on improving lives through digital. So now we’re putting that at the very core of how we connect with the world. Our new name reflects our strategy, and our ambition to change the lives of millions more people by seeking out the hardest to reach and leveraging digital tools to make good things happen for them.”

With its focus on the future, the charity will also be rebadging and repositioning the 5,000 community-based UK online centres as the Online Centres Network, focusing on the huge impact these grassroots organisations can have working together with each other, and with the communities that support them.