Select Committee discusses digital skills in charities

The Lords Select Committee on Charities has heard that too many charities lack the required levels of digital knowledge and skills to ensure they invest in the right products and services.

Peers heard that opportunities to boost organisational and fundraising strength are being missed because charity leaders aren’t investing in skills.

Helen Milner, chief executive of the Tinder Foundation, answering questions from the Committee, said: “Charities think digital is something different to what they are already doing, yet it ought to naturally become part of the solution.”


Trustee problem

Chester Mojay-Sinclare, from giving platform Charity Checkout, joined Milner at the hearing and added that the biggest issue holding back digital transformation in charities is often the trustees. He recommended the appointment of digital trustees, a move that is gathering momentum following various calls over the past few months, and working out ways to speed up digital development, which is often hampered by the ponderous nature of board committees.

Further recommendations to be put forward during the Select Committee meeting included drawing up strategies that include digital at their core and hiring staff with the necessary digital skills. The Committee noted that this would help prevent charities overspending on technology that isn’t suitable for their needs.

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