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Cause4 named as hot tech ‘Start Up to Scale Up’

Cause4, the social enterprise that helps charities to grow, has been named by Silicon Valley Comes to the UK (SVC2UK) as one of the UK’s 50 hottest start ups that have successfully scaled up.

The list includes the fastest growing businesses boasting average growth of 47% over the past year.

Over seven years, Cause4 has cemented its reputation for strategy and philanthropic innovation working with charities, social enterprises and corporations and has raised more than £46m on behalf of its clients.

In the last year, Cause4 has invested heavily in a digital strategy function, meaning that it can work with charities in the UK and internationally to exploit technology to support growth strategies and fundraising. Finding, connecting and building relationships with supporters online is essential to effective fundraising, however navigating the myriad of digital choices is often daunting and challenging. Cause4’s digital team can now help charities navigate and select the right digital services and partnerships to support their growth across key aspects of fundraising, communications and infrastructure.

“Charities that don’t make best use of technology will get left behind or face collapse,” said Cause4 founder and CEO, Michelle Wright. “The charity sector deserves the same investment as the private sector. A visit to some charities can feel like stepping back in time. If charities are going to survive in this post-Brexit environment, they have to take the same attitude to success as private sector companies, they won’t get any dispensation just because they are not part of the corporate world.”

SVCUK was set up by investors and entrepreneurs Sherry Coutu, Ellen Levy and Reid Hoffman, the founder of Linkedin and is now in its tenth year. Cause4 will continue to receive mentoring and networking support through the network to support its ambitions to achieve further scale.

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