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How to find your charity’s perfect CRM system

A new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system can have a transformative impact on any charity. It can greatly enhance how the organisation interacts and engages with donors, members and supporters. At the same time, it can improve internal systems, automate manual processes, and provide insights that can influence how the organisation behaves.

An organisation shouldn’t have to replace its CRM for at least 10 years, so get it wrong and it could not only cost your organisation financially, but have negative effects on the way you interact with donors and supporters and limit your fundraising potential. Doing the research, and understanding how to manage a CRM selection project in order to select the most appropriate CRM for your organisation, is crucial.

Charity software provider Access Group have put together a handy guide to doing just that. The free guide includes a step-by-step checklist to help charities with their CRM selection projects, and understand exactly the steps required to choose the right CRM system for their organisation.

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