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CIOs engaging with the digital era more than ever, says Gartner

CIOs are engaging with the era of digital business more than ever, with 50% now participating in a digital ecosystem and 65% contacting startups to acquire key digital technology capabilities and skills, according to Gartner’s annual CIO survey.

What’s more, the 2017 Gartner CIO Agenda Survey found that CIOs expect their enterprise IT budget to increase by an average of 1.4% in 2017, with spend on digitalisation set to rise too.

CIOs – including those at charities – are now spending an average of 19% of their enterprise IT budget on digital initiatives, a figure set to increase to 29% in 2018. Their investments in digitalisation include key technologies for traditional digital marketing and digital sales channels, advanced analytics, the Internet of Things, enhanced digital security solutions, and business algorithms and learning machines.

As digital business takes centre stage, it’s not only participation in a digital ecosystem that is growing. CIOs say they are also increasing the number of digital partners they work with, from an average of 63 today to an expected 127 in 2018.

“Digitalisation is maturing, and as it does, it’s likely that organisations which are investing in digital business will become part of a digital ecosystem,” said Andy Rowsell-Jones, research vice president at Gartner. “Many will need to move away from a linear, value-chain-based business model, in which they trade with well-known partners and add value in stages, to become part of a faster and more dynamic networked digital ecosystem.”

Overall, 28% of CIO respondents identify digitalisation as their number one business priority for 2017. From a technology perspective, business intelligence and analytics remain the top investment priorities.


Problems remain

The study also revealed the biggest headaches that organisations need to overcome. The most common challenge is to find the right talent; 26% of CIO respondents – a rise of 9% from 2015 – consider finding the right skills and resources is the biggest barrier to successful execution of their job.

The largest talent gaps remain in the areas of information/analytics and digital business according to Gartner.

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