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Fujitsu partners with charity to provide new global IT function

Fujitsu has completed the first phase of implementation in its partnership with BBC Media Action, to develop a new global IT capability for the charity.

BBC Media Action, the BBC’s international development charity, uses media and communications to inform, connect and empower people around the world. Fujitsu is developing an IT service to enable better communication and collaboration between BBC Media Action’s local offices worldwide, with first phase completed in the UK and Myanmar. The aim is to allow BBC Media Action to focus on their work to transform lives through media around the world.

Fujitsu has been a corporate partner of BBC Media Action since 2015 and is  leveraging its skills and knowledge to make the charity’s IT function more effective and cost-efficient. Previously, BBC Media Action had used diverse IT systems in each of its local global offices, making communication between teams problematic. In the Myanmar office, the IT system was outdated, meaning even basic functions like e-mail were a challenge.

Fujitsu worked with BBC Media Action to design a global IT function which would enhance collaboration between local offices and enable resources to be shared. Fujitsu managed the design process for a standard office environment, which has now been implemented in the UK and Myanmar, and supported the upskilling of staff. Improved communication means offices are able to share insights more readily, to enhance and amplify BBC Media Action’s work. BBC Media Action will continue to work with Fujitsu to roll out the project to 17 more country offices.

“At Fujitsu, we wanted to have a meaningful partnership with BBC Media Action, by using our own skills and knowledge to support the charity,” said Haydn Jones, account managing director, UK & Ireland, Fujitsu. “Through this initiative, we are creating a global connected network, that we hope will enhance BBC Media Action’s outstanding work to transform lives through media around the world.

“This project’s success shows the value of co-creating digital transformation, by blending technology expertise from Fujitsu with BBC Media Action’s own insight. This has been an extremely rewarding partnership, which we will continue to support in the long term.”

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