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Microsoft encourages formation of a cloud for global good

Microsoft is encouraging the IT industry to get behind its bid to create cloud technologies that are trusted, responsible and accessible to all.

The tech giant’s A Cloud For Global Good campaign – which includes the publication of a book – comes at an important point in the evolution of technology, it says.

Writing in a blog post Brad Smith, president and chief legal officer at Microsoft said: “Advanced analytics, mobile devices, artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics, and genomics are transforming every aspect of how people live, communicate, work, and learn. We’re in a period of rapid transformation that offers huge potential to not just help business but to also help tackle some of the world’s most pressing issues in areas such as health, education and the environment. At the heart of these advances is cloud computing.

“As I travel the world and see how people and organisations are using the transformative power of the cloud to improve their lives and businesses, it has reinforced my optimism about the future. But as we realise the benefits of cloud based innovation, it’s important to recognise the disruptive impact that technology can have on society. We need to ensure that technology moves forward without leaving people behind. We need to work together to build a cloud that is trusted, a cloud that is responsible, and a cloud that is inclusive. In short, we need to build a cloud for global good.

“Today, people look at the rapid changes taking place around them and ask valid questions and raise important concerns. How does this new technology impact safety of their communities, their personal privacy or the future of jobs and work? Are we taking the right steps as societies to ensure that people young and old alike will have the skills they’ll need for the future? These are some of the important questions that we need to ask and work together to answer. A Cloud for Global Good is intended to be part of Microsoft’s contribution to this discussion.”


A raft of recommendations

A Cloud For Global Good book sets out 78 recommendations about the steps the government, the tech industry and society at large should take into account when creating new cloud products or rolling out related legislation.

Microsoft’s recommendations cover considerations about data sovereignty, privacy, security, safety, skills, the environment and sustainability, and should provide stakeholders with a framework to .

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