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Sage Foundation launches nonprofit offering

Sage, a market leader in cloud accounting software and global champion of small and medium sized businesses, today announced it has launched the Sage Live Nonprofit solution on the Salesforce AppExchange, empowering partners to connect with their customers, donors and employees in entirely new ways.

The new solution will help thousands of nonprofits benefit from cutting edge technology and donated software through the Sage Foundation.

Building on market and customer experience, Sage wanted to do more to support nonprofits. With tightening budgets and a need to diversify funding streams, charities big and small need to make their money work harder to go beyond just the financial compliance of tracking, budget reduction and auditing.

The Sage Live Nonprofit solution, built on the Salesforce App Cloud, has been designed specifically for nonprofits to give them access to cloud accounting technology and tools tailored to their needs, including; balance sheet, Statement of Financial Activities (SOFA) reporting, general processing and fund management capabilities.


Industry specific

The voluntary sector will be first to benefit from industry specific packaging for Sage Live, built on the Salesforce App Cloud. The Sage Live Nonprofit solution will integrate with the Salesforce Nonprofit Starter Pack, combining essential financial and donor relationships.

The innovations have been designed to speed up financial reporting and bolster transparency; helping nonprofits improve their organisational efficiency, increase collaboration and boost productivity from limited resources.

Sandra Campopiano, chief people officer at Sage, said: “We understand the tremendous pressures that nonprofits deal with in managing operations, often with limited resources and personnel. At Sage we are focused on innovations that will make their lives easier by being able to better manage funds and finances, so they can concentrate efforts where they’re needed most.

“We have been working with our partners to develop the solution and to ensure it’s tailored to their specific needs. We believe that this will make a positive difference to the voluntary sector in their day-to-day business and amplify the valuable contribution they make to communities around the world.”

Through Sage Foundation, eligible nonprofits will be able to sign up for two donated Sage Live user licenses, and then any further licenses will receive a 50% discount.

The announcement and donation pledge, is just the start of Sage’s commitment to building solutions which can better support finance leaders and trustees in planning for the future. From geographic expansion, to systems upgrades or fundraising for infrastructure investments, Sage’s vision is to help charities make informed decisions so they can deliver what they do best, for those who need it the most.

Sage Foundation is powered by the ‘2+2+2’ model. Through this, Sage Foundation donates 2% of employee time each year (five volunteer days), 2% of free cash flow in grants and two donated user licenses to eligible partners. Sage Foundation aims to transform lives by creating sustainable, social, economic and entrepreneurial opportunities for local communities – helping more people reach their fullest potential.

Check your eligibility for donated and discounted Sage solutions here.

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