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Charities join forces to launch mental health campaign

A group of charities have partnered with a popular website to launch a campaign aimed at reducing the number of men attempting suicide.

Samaritans, the Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM), the Movember Foundation and the Mental Health Foundation are working with the TheLADbible to launch UOKM8? – a three-month campaign to raise awareness of  and collect data about male mental health issues.

The campaign hopes to tap into TheLADbible’s 15 million Facebook followers to raise awareness of suicide, which is currently the biggest killer of British men under 45. The charities hope to tap into the online publisher’s huge youth audience and get men to open up to each other as well as share their experiences.

UOKM8? will see a number of stories, blogs and videos on mental health published including the Everyday Heroes series which is a set of documentaries about men – such as Olympic gymnast Louis Smith (see video below) – talking about their own experiences of depression.

TheLADbible will promote the content to its followers on social media and urge them to join in the conversation on the dedicated UOKM8? section on its website.

The site will also gather data from its readers and share it with policy makers and charities and build an open source information bank.

Ian Moore, from TheLADbible Group said “We know that our audience are hugely affected by these issues and that they need to feel that opening up is the brave thing to do. Around half of all British men between 18-24 follow TheLADbible and I believe that by opening up our platform so our audience can talk about these issues, we can persuade young men to give themselves permission to talk about the feelings of isolation, anxiety and depression that they currently keep secret.”

Jane Powell, CEO CALM added: “More than three times more men take their own lives than women in the UK, and we don’t know why. CALM is proud to be working with The LADbible and supporting “UOKM8?” to explore masculinity and dig down into why the single biggest cause of death for men aged under 45 is suicide. The LADbible are brilliantly placed to help us listen to and learn from a huge number of guys and help build a better understanding of this silent killer.”

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