How to establish a supporter base and boost donations on eBay

A graphic advertising eBay for Charity, powered by PayPal Giving Fund. It reads 'Get picked' with a picture of five apples in a row, one red in the middle and two green on each side. Underneath it the tagline reads 'Grow your donations on eBay'.

As charities continue to search for ways of engaging donors online and raising funds, eBay has proved to be one of the more effective means of doing so: charities on eBay have raised more than £100 million.

While a lot of the money raised by charities on eBay comes from the sale of goods, the more successful charities have also managed to establish a donor base on eBay that allows them to raise ongoing funds.

But how does a charity build a donor base on eBay? The key is being picked as a favourite.

eBay gives its users the ability to choose their own favourite charities. All users need to do is to find the charities they want to support on eBay and click “Save as favourite”. After a user picks your charity as a favourite, whenever they buy or sell an item on eBay, your charity will be shown to them as the cause to donate to.

This enables charities to build up a community of supporters on eBay that will continue to donate to them over time. In fact, research has shown that eBay users who have a favourite charity are 20 times more likely to donate to them in future.

How committed are your supporters?

This coming October, PayPal Giving Fund & eBay for Charity will be running the My Favourite Charity competition, which will count how many favourite votes charities receive throughout the month.

At the end of the month, the charities with the most favourites will win the following cash prizes:

  • 1st place – £7,000
  • 2nd place – £3,000
  • 3rd place – £2,000
  • Top small charity (less than £1.5m turnover) – £2,000

All the winning charities will also be featured on eBay’s Give at Checkout for a week, further increasing their visibility on the platform.

As eBay will be advertising this competition to its users, this is the perfect time for charities to get involved and capture a large number of favourite votes. The more favourites you receive, the more you can build you community of supporters on eBay, increasing likelihood of receiving ongoing support from them. Furthermore, if you get enough favourite votes, you may even win the prizes on offer for your charity.

For charities on eBay already, this is the perfect time to grow your donations on eBay. For charities not on eBay yet, this is your chance to get started with bang. Don’t miss out.

Visit My Favourite Charity for more information.

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