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Over 150 complaints received by Fundraising Regulator since its formation

The newly-created Fundraising Regulator has received over 150 complaints from members of the public in the two months since its official launch in July.

While the number of complaints relating to digital activity is unclear, charities are being urged to make sure their practices meet all relevant guidelines set out in the Regulator’s Code of Fundraising Practice. Areas covered include digital accessibility, website content, data handling, electronic payment and work with third parties. Social media guidelines are also included.

Stephen Dunmore, interim chief executive of the Fundraising Regulator said: “In the first two months, we have received more than 150 complaints from the public, and we are well advanced with a major investigation into the Sun’s allegations about Neet Feet, a fundraising agency.”

Dunmore also explained that the Fundraising Regulator has three key priorities over the next few months. One is to “develop and publish clear guidance on data protection and consent issues, building on the report of the NCVO’s working group on how to secure donor’s consent”. Others are to “prepare for thorough review of the Code of Fundraising Practice in the new year,” and to “roll out the levy to ensure that we can meet our operating costs”.

Dunmore said that “letters will shortly go out to the approximately 2,000 charities and fundraising agencies eligible to pay the levy”.

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