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Twitter updates DM offering

In a sign that it’s trying to keep up with the Joneses, Twitter has rolled out changes to direct messages that will make the platform a lot more like its competitors, including read receipts.

Twitter rolled out the update to its service this week, ostensibly in an effort to compete with services like WhatsApp and iMessage, and perhaps as a sign that a standalone messaging app could be in its future. The new features may prove useful to charities utilising direct messaging.

Alongside read receipts, there will be typing indicators — so you can tell when that friend who decided to take his sweet time replying to you has actually started writing back — and new web link previews that resemble what you see now when writing a regular Tweet.

Both read receipts and typing indicators suggest Twitter wants its DM experience to resemble a messaging app.

Twitter has already freed messaging from the constraints it applies to its core tweeting experience by removing the character limit. Like tweets, Twitter DMs also allow users to share rich media, such as images, emojis, and GIFs.

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