The Children’s Hospital Charity invests in CRM solution

Charity seeks to manage and promote sustainable growth with new software

| 8th Sep 16

The Children’s Hospital Charity, which supports the Children’s Hospital in Sheffield, is seeking to manage and sustain its growth by improving its customer relationship management (CRM) capability with a new solution from Access Group designed for the charity and not-for-profit sectors.

Charity director for The Children’s Hospital Charity, David Vernon-Edwards, recognised the need for a new CRM solution following significant growth over the last five years. It’s existing software was bespoke, from a small supplier, and was at the end of its lifetime; it was no longer fit for purpose. In order to manage and sustain such growth and ultimately to support the organisation’s charity work, Vernon-Edwards decided to make a change and initiated the tender process for a new CRM solution.

The Children’s Hospital Charity’s new software would need to come from a stable, mature and proven supplier. They needed a standardised product that could be relied upon to manage the increasing organisational complexity stemming from its growth. It would also need to be accessible through a web browser for ease of use and optimal accessibility. A capability of bringing together disparate elements of the charity’s CRM activities would also be crucial.

Access thankQ CRM met and exceeded these requirements. The up-to-date software with its superior capabilities over the existing solution has the key benefit of allowing the charity’s staff to focus less on administration and more on what matters most – its supporters and beneficiary organisations.

The organisation will also benefit from improved efficiency and cost savings as a result of modernising the existing software. The new platform is standardised and state-of-the-art, allowing for smoother and simpler operational processes and functionality. The charity’s improved CRM capability will provide a solid foundation from which it can manage and sustain its future growth, continuing to increase income raised in support of The Children’s Hospital in Sheffield.

Commenting on the announcement, Vernon-Edwards said: “We are looking forward to working with Access as our new CRM system. Access thankQ CRM is fundamental to the future success of the charity. We went through a rigorous tender process before appointing Access as the supplier, and what appealed to us was the ability to bring all the CRM elements that we need into one place.”