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Online and social media activity drive Shwop Shop success

M&S and Oxfam have launched an online pop-up ‘Shwop Shop’ selling celebrities’ clothing, from the likes of Millie Mackintosh and Lisa Snowdon.

The ‘Shwop Shop’ is a temporary online store hosted on the Oxfam Online Shop that will sell some of the best items the public have donated to M&S’s Shwopping campaign. The site will also stock classic M&S pieces and over 100 pieces from fashionable celebrities such as Millie Mackintosh, Lisa Snowdon and Stella Tennant.

All money raised since the ‘Shwopping’ campaign launched in 2012, goes to support Oxfam initiatives to fight global poverty.

The initiative has been spreading rapidly on social media through the use of the #WardrobeSchwop hashtag to nominate people to donate.

“The 25 million items ‘shwopped’ so far have help us to raise over £17m for Oxfam and the amazing work it does for those living in poverty,” said Mike Barry, director of Plan A, M&S’s eco and ethical programme.

“We’re encouraging the nation to keep rummaging for clothes they no longer wear; bringing the items to us and seeing Oxfam turn them into a something extraordinary.”

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