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How can charities respond to the changes in fundraising data protection?

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The last year has seen an unprecedented scrutiny of fundraising practice. How we treat supporters and their data has never been a bigger issue, and the high-profile stories of last year have fixed this firmly on the public agenda.

With the new Fundraising Regulator soon to issue guidance to ensure individuals only opt in to the fundraising communications they want and need, and the Information Commissioner’s Direct Marketing Code of Practice already in place, charities will need to be prepared to respond to the changes taking place across the sector.

To help equip charities for these data protection changes, Access Group have teamed up with data protection expert Protecture to provide a webinar on the key issues facing fundraisers. Taking place on the 14th September at 2pm, the webinar will explore what the future is likely to hold, and what steps charities can take to ensure they are fully compliant. Learn about:

  • What do ‘opt-in’ and ‘opt-out’ really mean? Webinar presenter Gary Shipsey gives a brief history of consent, and a glimpse into the future
  • The big P: How many different purposes do you want to use data for? A look at why clarity of purpose is key
  • What is likely to change, and what you can do now to prepare for the future

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