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Digital transformation at heart of Charity Commission’s plans

The Charity Commission has said that digital transformation is a key part of its strategic plan for the coming year.

blog detailing the Commission’s plans over the coming year outlines four key strategic priorities for the 2016-17 period include protecting charities from abuse or mismanagement, enabling trustees to run charities effectively, encouraging greater transparency and accountability and operating as an efficient, expert regulator with sustainable funding.

Chief executive Paula Sussex said that technology will be used to drive an efficiency push by the regulator. It hopes to increase value for money through the redesign of its business processes alongside the adoption of better technology.

Sussex did however warn that the planned digital transformation would not compensate for the increase in workload seen over the past year.

“We are under-resourced and demand is increasing,” she said. “We will continue to explore how to ensure we are funded sustainably.”

To encourage greater transparency, the regulator will launch a new online search function and pump additional resources into “ensuring it remains accurate and meets regulatory needs”.

The regulator also plans to develop its risk-based assessment of new cases and intensify proactive work – including visits, monitoring and accountancy casework and thematic work – with a view to “shifting away from reactive casework”.

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