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Hackathon aims to address world hunger

A 32-hour hackathon will bring together young, next generation innovators to contribute to finding an end to world hunger.

Taking place on the margins of the UN General Assembly on 15  and16 September in New York, the Open Data Maker’s Hackathon is part of the GODAN Summit 2016, the largest-ever event dedicated to open data in agriculture and nutrition.

The Open Data Maker’s Hackathon is part of GODAN’s Open Data Challenge, which brings together coders, students, designers, marketers, young entrepreneurs, open data enthusiasts, forward-thinkers, and curious minds, to uncover new, innovative ways to unleash the power of open data and solve specific challenges in agriculture and nutrition, to enable policy makers, farmers and the open data community to make significant steps forward in the release, management and use of open data.

Hackers, in the form of current university students and/or entrepreneurs aged 18 – 26 years old, will come together in an endurance challenge of creating products and services for a beneficial purpose. They will build teams and develop concepts and prototypes for products or services that respond to the question: how can we achieve better utilisation, collection, and accessibility of open data on agriculture and nutrition to improve our food system, ensure food security and ultimately end world hunger.

Worldwide, nearly 800 million people suffer from hunger and malnutrition – that’s one in every nine people – with the majority being women and children.

The hackathon seeks solutions that must fit into one of the following categories:

  1. Improve Growing Plant Innovations: Use open data to improve how and where we grow our food.
  2. Empower the Crowd: Use open data to improve how we leverage the crowd’s actions and knowledge to create a better food system.
  3. Improve Nutrition and Health: Use open data to improve how we track, make available, and improve nutrition in our daily diets.
  4. Deliver Climate Smart Agriculture: Use open data to improve agriculture’s resilience in the face of a changing climate.
  5. Meet the Protein Frontier: Use open data to improve how we address the growing demand for protein, and the opportunity for more sustainable and alternative proteins.

Winning teams will receive the chance to gain access to the GODAN Mentoring Programme, powered by Thought For Food, where they will receive business mentorship and guidance on building their concept. In addition and as a result of successful completion of the GODAN Mentoring Program, teams will join the GODAN Challenge finalists in competing for the grand finale prize of the GODAN Global Open Data Challenge of $5000 and a trip to an international food security summit in 2017.

Andre Laperriere, spokesperson for GODAN, said: “Open data is key to innovation in agriculture and nutrition, and what better way to find a solution than to call on our next generation of innovators? We have no doubt that this pioneering event will result in advancement towards ending hunger, whilst also creating new partnerships and bringing awareness to the GODAN initiative.”

More information can be found here.

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