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Two thirds of IT leaders expect data breaches to hit their organisations

Charities are being reminded to ensure security protocols are in place and up-to-date after a new report revealed that a failure to adapt and upgrade protection is putting organisations at risk.

Okta’s Secure Business Agility Report reveals that 65% of respondents think a data breach will happen within the next 12 months if they do not upgrade legacy security solutions in time.

Based on data compiled from 300 IT and security professionals, the report reveals that while most organisations fundamentally believe connecting people to the best technology is vital to productivity, many struggle to achieve agility due to traditional on-premise security mindsets.

Key findings from the research include:

  • Organisations are unsure if security is enabling or compromising productivity and agility: When asked if security measures compromised or enabled productivity in their organisation, respondents’ opinions were mixed. Just over half (52%) said that their current security solutions compromise productivity, while 48% believe their security measures enable the organisation to adopt best of breed solutions that enable productivity and agility.
  • Visibility into application usage is limited: Okta’s research shows that 85% of IT leaders suffer from a lack of insight over who has access to applications within their organisation. More worryingly, 80% of respondents pointed to weak passwords or weak access controls as a security issue.
  • Investing in new mobile, automation, and cloud technologies is paying dividends for organisations: 92% of respondents believe their organisation could do more to integrate and support cloud applications into their infrastructure and systems. This reveals a massive opportunity for IT teams to further drive agility and productivity, and the chance to drive this percentage down.

“In order to be more productive, organisations worldwide are investing in cloud and mobile technologies, enabling their staff to work from virtually anywhere. But this isn’t enough to ensure true agility. As organisations become increasingly connected, the traditional idea of the enterprise network boundary is vanishing and businesses need to prioritise strong security,” said David Baker, chief security officer at Okta.

“To successfully navigate the new perimeter and avoid compromising on security and productivity, IT leaders need to adopt tools that span traditional company and network boundaries and enable agility across the organisation.”

The full Secure Business Agility report is available here.

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