App aims to make everyday objects interactive – and help charities

Initial focus for app is on small businesses and charities

| 19th Aug 16

A tech company is aiming to introduce the next big thing in app technology as it aims to make objects interactive – with an eye on benefiting charities.

Thyngs is a new app launched by Proxama founder Neil Garner which brings items to life digitally at the touch of a mobile phone.

Using near field communication (NFC) technology, which is built into most phones not produced by Apple, and QR codes, the programme will bring up a website with more information on a “thyng” when scanned.

The technology, which went live on the App Store last Thursday, will also allow companies to put out messages via beacons to Thyngs-enabled phones.

Garner told the Eastern Daily Press: “Nobody is doing what we are doing. We are trying to do a bit of an education play and inform people about the technology in their phone.

“We’ve been working on ideas like fun treasure trails for charities as a way to show the technology.”

A Thyngs starter pack is being put together which will contain everything a business or charity needs to make themselves interactive. It will include NFC stickers as well as “pyngers” to put out messages.

Users will be able to stick a Thyngs sticker to an item then create a web page for it on the app’s network which will come up on a phone when scanned.