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IT departments unable to deliver the desired technological change

A new report suggests that IT departments need to overcome some common barriers if they are to exploit current technology trends, such as the internet of things (IoT) and big data.

Trends vs Technologies was commissioned by Capita to examine the disconnect between technological vision and the reality of implementation. It reveals a clear gap between the relevance of trends – such as IoT, Cloud and Big Data – and the ability of organisations – including charities – to identify the opportunity, and implement and manage the associated technology.

Key findings include:

  • 88% agree financial gains can be made by responding to IT trends within their organisation
  • Only 39% are implementing Big Data strategies, despite 90% believing the trend is relevant
  • More organisations believe Artificial Intelligence is relevant to their industry than wearable technology (50% vs 46%)
  • 16% of organisations still don’t believe Cloud is relevant to their industry
  • Security remains the biggest challenge to IoT adoption, cited by 31% of respondents

The report, which can be downloaded here, identifies a number of key barriers that need to be overcome. These include:

Management pushback: A lack of perceived business case for the new technology. Investment in IT has remained steady for some years and with new technologies representing a fundamental shift in the construction of infrastructure, concerns over cost can fog discussion. This again is despite the fact that 88% of decision makers agree that financial gains can be made through adoption of these technologies.

Risk aversion: Many businesses are adopting a wait and see approach, looking to their competitors to trial technologies. Yet such an approach is risky as it leaves businesses open to losing competitive advantage and market share to their more innovative competitors.

Lack of vision: While many respondents claimed to have a good understanding of current trends (75% rated their organisation as excellent or good in terms of keeping up to date with the latest trends) this was belied in later questions, where it became clear that many did not have the skills to identify opportunities, or to implement and manage the associated technologies.

Adam Jarvis, MD of technology solutions at Capita said: “Past experience tells us that businesses which fail to adapt and exploit new technologies often lose their competitive advantage, and might never recover. This research would suggest that many industries today are perilously close to falling into that trap.”

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