Charity now taking donations via Facebook Messenger

New bot allows Charity: Water to accept donations through Facebook Messenger

| 12th Aug 16

With its new bot, Charity: Water is now the first non-profit organisation to accept donations through Facebook Messenger.

Charity: Water looks to increase access to safe drinking water in developing countries, with an emphasis on being transparent about how the company accepts and uses donations.

It became the inaugural third sector organisation to hit one million followers on Twitter – so it’s no surprise it is now leading the way with the Facebook Messenger bot.

Speaking to Fast Company, Charity: Water CTO Matthew Eckstein said: “As an organisation with a very young and tech-savvy supporter base, it’s important that we continuously adapt to reach them as they adopt new technologies and social platforms.

“Innovation has always been a core value of Charity: Water. We believe in moving early, testing, learning, and iterating our way forward.”

The charity says the bot has been designed to make the experience as close as possible to donating on its own website.

Photo credit: Charity: Water