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World’s first transatlantic virtual run for charity unites Boston and London

A new virtual running app celebrated its launch last week with the world’s first transatlantic virtual race for charity.

Racefully’s technology was used to unite two charity runners who ran together in real time on opposite sides of the Atlantic as hundreds of attendees followed the run on the big screen.

Hosted at WeWork venues in London and Boston, the app’s launch event was the first of its kind, and aimed to highlight the growing connection between running, community and charity.

Racefully plans to strengthen this connection further by enabling runners around the world to run and fundraise together in solidarity for shared causes. Described as a “a park in your pocket,” once a user has launched a race with friends, the app’s Live Run feature keeps track of who’s keeping pace, who’s falling behind, and who’s taking the lead in real time.

The virtual live run featured London-based Natalie Doble, a devoted sister and nursing student raising funds for the St. Mark’s Hospital Foundation, and Boston-based Collin Matthews, a Boston Marathon veteran who ran for the Martin Richard Foundation.

Alex Burton of the St Mark’s Foundation said: “Bowel disease and Bowel cancer affects hundreds of thousands of people worldwide and by connecting thousands of individuals, Racefully has created the ideal platform for people all over the world to make a difference. We were excited to be part of the world’s first transatlantic run and are excited by future opportunities to support charities globally.”

Racefully is available for free is the Apple Store and has plans for an Android release in the near future.

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