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JustGiving to change monthly fee structure

JustGiving has announced a revision to its monthly fee structure that will see monthly fees for very small charities abolished.

The move will however see larger charities stumping up more for the service, as prices for charities raising over £15,000 a year, including Gift Aid, will increase by 160% to £39 plus VAT per month.

JustGiving is yet to announce what will constitute a ‘very small charity’. Fees for charities raising up to £15,000 a year will be frozen at the current £15 plus VAT fee. The standard 5% transaction fee will also be frozen. All changes will come into force in September.

A post on its website said: “In keeping with our mission to ensure that no good cause goes unfunded, we have opted for a fair pricing policy. This approach will enable us to freeze our monthly membership fee for mid-size charities, whilst charging a higher fee for larger ones. This will also enable us to create a basic free option for very small organisations, later in the year.

“Pricing is set based on the amount raised in a 12-month period. If a charity reaches the £15,000 in donations and Gift Aid threshold, we will upgrade the plan, to take effect shortly after the end of that 12 months.

“If a charity is no longer raising over the £15,000 threshold in a subsequent period, we will notify them and give them the option to drop back down to the £15 per month plan.”

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