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Charity uses hackathon to develop digital solutions

Teams of computer coders, designers and housing professionals are coming together to find innovative solutions to Scotland’s most acute housing problems in a hackathon organised by Shelter Scotland.

The weekend-long event, which gets underway this Friday (29 July), aims to develop new business ideas and overcome challenges to do with homelessness and poor-quality housing.

Teams will be asked to design digital solutions to real world problems, with a panel of local tech leaders judging entries at the end of the weekend. Participants will form small cross-functional teams to work on a product prototype over a weekend. Everyone receives mentoring, meals and 24 hour access to the venue and the top ranking teams win support to help them develop their concept further.

Conrad Rossouw, digital manager at Shelter Scotland, said: “This is going to be a really exciting weekend and we are all looking forward to seeing what the teams can come up with.

“From products which help private renters and landlords understand their rights and responsibilities to help for people who are digitally excluded as more welfare resources are moved online – including the roll-out of Universal Credit, we’re hoping for some innovative solutions to these very real issues.

“Other possible outcomes could be a solution to help us discover and understand more about the level of hidden homelessness, people who don’t have a home of their own but rely on support from friends and family members, or ways of reaching people who are spending night after night rough sleeping.”

The hackathon takes place at Product Forge in Edinburgh from Friday 29 to Sunday 31 July – full details can be found on the Hackathon website.

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