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What makes a good digital experience for charities?

A new report from digital customer experience agency Shout investigates how charities should adapt to digital advancements and evolving consumer habits in order to create meaningful relationships with first-time donors.

The report says that charities should tailor communications to intended recipients much more and be more personal in how they interact with donors online.

The What Makes a Good Digital Experience for Charities report also recommends that communication should become warmer and more personal and that the online donation process should be simplified so that there are fewer steps involved.

Other recommendations include:

  • Ensuring the option to share activity on social media is always there
  • Greater adoption of digital currencies such as Bitcoin
  • Better design of emails to differentiate email topics and purposes – for example payment receipts should be instantly recognisable and different to fundraising emails
  • Increased use of virtual reality
  • More digital communication and activities for younger people in order to build relationships with the digitally-savvy generation

“Charities should believe that every single donor matters and that a donation is more than a simple transaction,” the authors of the report say.

The full report can be downloaded here.

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