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Health trust and charity combine to deliver app

A new app – believed to be the first in the world dedicated to the care and needs of teenagers with congenital heart disease – has been launched by Northern Ireland’s largest health trust and a children’s charity.

The program, which is called CHD Transition NI, is designed to help youths make the move from paediatric treatment to adult care.

By using the app, adolescents can manage their medication, find out more about their condition and keep in regular contact with their doctors and medical team, encouraging both ownership and understanding of their health needs.

It is estimated that more than 224,000 babies worldwide died from congenital heart conditions in 2010.

Sarah Quinlan, of the Children’s Heartbeat Trust, said: “We are absolutely delighted that the Belfast Trust has seen the value in embracing the development of technology to help deliver the message and care for these teenagers.”

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