Technology is the engine fuelling growth, Cisco CEO says

Analytics, security, collaboration and automation as the key elements of a successful transformation

| 14th Jul 16

Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins has outlined the four pillars that will underpin successful digital transformation projects.

Speaking at the opening of the company’s Cisco Live event in Las Vegas, Robbins pointed to analytics, security, collaboration and automation as the key elements. He added that technology should now be a vital part of any organisation’s strategy.

Robbins said: “Technology is fundamentally the strategy of every organisation and it’s this that will fundamentally change everything about how we live, solve problems and achieve objectives.

“I believe that if you are going to really have an effect on the capability of what the technology can do, it has to start from the top. Whether it’s CEOs, prime ministers or city mayors, you have to have sponsorship. You have to have someone who can see what you see.”


Time for a strategy

Robbins continued by saying that organisations of all sizes must have a strategy for its digital usage. He also pointed out that security and innovation are the two most important aspects of a digital transformation.

He said: “If you have that executive support, and a strategy laid out, and if you understand the security requirements and the need to move fast, and if you understand the business connection with the technology, then the first thing you do is build a foundation to deliver those services.

“The last thing you want to be is the IT group that isn’t keeping up with the needs of the business. There is a fundamental need to build a digital-ready network.”

Robbins concluded by focusing on collaboration: “If we’re going to get billions of things connected, perhaps we should first make sure our people are connected, to enable them to communicate more effectively. I think that’s fundamental. I believe collaboration will be at the heart of so much of what we do with smart cities and delivery of services.”