Project aims to raise £500,000 using only social media

Ambitious project aims to harness the power of existing social networks

| 12th Jul 16

A new project that its creator says could change forever how we donate to charities and the way in which they fundraise, has been launched.

Created by well-known award-winning author, TED-X speaker and behaviourist, Jez Rose, the Just 1 Project aims to raise £500,000 in just five months, for five charities, using only social media, by asking people to donate just one pound and then to share the project with their social networks.

The five charities who will benefit from The Just 1 Project are Roald Dahl’s Marvellous Children’s Charity; BASICS Hertfordshire; Brain Tumour Research; Youth Sport Trust and Contented Dementia Trust.

Jez Rose was inspired to create The Just 1 Project by the film Pay It Forward starring Kevin Spacey and Jon Bon Jovi, in which a social studies student’s plan to pay forward favours in order to help make the world a better place, results in an unprecedented wave of human kindness.

Rose says: “I wanted to realise the same ambition, and wondered if we could garner the strength of social media to raise big funds for charity.

“On average, we each spend more than an hour on social media every day and by donating just one pound, and then sharing the project with our networks, I really believe that we can all be a part of something truly extraordinary.”

The Just 1 Project will also help charities solve their fundamental dilemmas: what does it take for people to donate and is there a better way to raise more? Using the principles of the Project, people could in fact donate less money but with just a little more effort in sharing it with their friends, help charities to raise more by making more people aware of their need.

“It could mean no more need for appeals to regularly donate money each month; or sponsored running, parachute jumping or tipping iced water over your head,” says Jez. “It’s all about using a network, which already exists, and changing slightly the way we use it, for the better.”

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