Sky backs Community Channel with £150,000 pledge

Match-funding pledge secures future of charity TV channel

| 1st Jul 16

The Community Channel has received a pledge from Sky to invest £150,000 to match fund other donations supporting its campaign to stay on air after the end of June.

The commitment from the company will help the digital TV channel achieve its target of raising an immediate £300,000 to enable it to continue its operation. Last month it launched a crowd-funded community shares scheme to raise new funds and allow supporters to own the channel. With Sky’s pledge it has now raised two-thirds of its total and the deadline for the crowdfunding campaign has been extended from the end of June to the 17th of July.

Launched in 2000 by the Media Trust, the channel gives charities and community organisations the ability to mobilise and access millions of people. It tells great stories about the people that hold our communities together and often define who we are. Its programmes feature people from all the UK’s nations and regions. It is available free on Sky, Virgin and Freeview in 26 million British households.

From small beginnings, over ten million people watched last year – up by four million in four years – while more than a million said they were motivated to volunteer.

Media Trust chief executive Caroline Diehl said: “Sky has been a fantastic supporter from our earliest days and I am so grateful that it has dug deep once again to help us in this our hour of real need. I hope it will inspire other donors and investors whilst there is still time to save the channel.”