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ICO says international data protection ‘crucial’ after Brexit


Data protection laws will have to be consistent with Europe in spite of the results of the recent referendum on Europe, according to a statement issued by the ICO.

As politicians hold off on triggering Article 50, it is likely that the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which comes into effect in 2018, will already be in place when the UK leaves the EU.

This means charities will still need to clearly prove they have opt-in approval to use contact information for marketing purposes.

This could be temporary as EU data protection laws would not apply directly to the UK if it was not a member state, but the ICO has said that it will look to maintain “consistency” with Europe anyway.

A statement on the ICO’s website: “International consistency around data protection laws and rights is crucial both to businesses and organisations and to consumers and citizens.”

“The ICO’s role has always involved working closely with regulators in other countries and that will continue to be the case.”

“Having clear laws with safeguards in place is more important than ever given the growing digital economy, and we will be speaking to government to present our view that reform of the UK law remains necessary.”

Brendan Hill, chief executive of Concern, warned earlier this week that “Brexit brings potentially huge implications for our sector”.

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