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Predictive data service launched to charity sector

A new data driven service that allows charities to identify how engaged and loyal donors really are has been launched.

DonorTrends, which has been launched in the UK by EDM Media, analyses a charity’s donor data and combines it with forecast modelling to predict future activity and identify donors. The software also predicts who will respond to specific fundraising campaigns, helping charities to better target their marketing communications.

EDM Media says the predictive model analyses donors based on their preferences and giving behaviour, and how this has changed over time. No third-party data is added during the analysis and profiling process, which is handled by EDM Media, ensuring that all insights are based purely on the user organisation’s own consented data.

The service has reportedly already helped over 1,000 charities in the US to improve their donor relationships and retention through better understanding of donor engagement, and can analyse warm data within two days, and develop an action plan based on the results within six.

“We are addressing the issues of blanket and far too frequent communication models that have been highlighted in recent best practice reforms,” said Suzanne Lewis, managing director of EDM Media.

“By introducing DonorTrends, charities will be able to engage less with those donors who are less connected to them, by contacting them less frequently and only at the times when they are more likely to respond. Equally those most loyal can be given greater focus. The result is far greater engagement, loyalty and revenue for the charity, and a much more accurate and meaningful relationship for the donor.”

Charities can learn more about DonorTrends at the IoF Fundraising Convention, which takes place from 4-6 July at the Barbican Centre in London.

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