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Online crowdfunding guide for charities published

GlobalGiving UK has launched a handy guide to crowdfunding for charities.

Called Crowdfundmentals: 11 Steps to Online Fundraising Success, the guide is designed to teach the fundamentals of creating an earth-changing crowdfunding campaign.

GlobalGiving UK says the practice of funding a project by raising many small amounts of money from a large number of people isn’t easy but it can be powerful. The guide covers 11 areas that together can lead to success:

Plan a SMART Campaign
Find out about crowdfunding campaigns and learn how to set your organisation up for success by planning a campaign with measurable goals.

Get Your Story Straight
Learn how to represent your project through stories that will appeal to your organisation’s donors.

Put it in Writing
Read six expert tips for making your online fundraising webpage attract the wandering eyes of donors.

Network Map & Your Tribe
Uncover the best kept secret in the crowdfunding sphere: how to access the elusive crowd and get them to help you.

Start Strong
Learn the importance of timing in your online fundraising campaign and how the first 3 days could spell the difference between success and failure.

Email like a Pro
Get GlobalGiving’s expert tips for using email to raise money for your cause, including ideas for growing your email list and engaging your donor community.

Prepare to Share
Read our advice for using social media to propel your crowdfunding campaign to success and find out how to harness the power of millennial donors.

Show Your Gratitude
Get ideas on keeping your donors happy by showing your gratitude for their support.

Consider a Video
Find out the top eight elements that make up the anatomy of a good crowdfunding video and see some examples of contest winning videos on GlobalGiving.

Analyse Your Results
Not satisfied with you last crowdfunding campaign or attempt at online fundraising? Find out what data you will need to gather from your next campaign to make it a success.

Pick a Great Platform
Learn how to choose the best crowdfunding platform for you and your organisation to reach your goals.

The guide is available free on the GlobalGiving site.

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