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2016 State of the Cloud and SDDC Study (Infographic)

Adoption of public cloud services by all verticals is accelerating, according to the results of a new research study.

According to a research study by HyTrust, where migration toward the Software-Defined Data Centre (SDDC) previously happened in a gradual way, with much of the action coming from a few select verticals, this dynamic trend is now gaining broad-scale adoption in a wide range of functions and industries — and it’s only going to get more aggressive.

The HyTrust study, titled Industry Experience: the 2016 State of the Cloud and Software Defined Data Centre (SDDC) in Real-World Environments, finds that many areas of operation have been migrated to the new paradigm.

“Without much fanfare, this critical technology advance has become woven into the basic fabric of organisations,” said Eric Chiu, president of HyTrust. “The potential of virtualisation and the cloud was always undeniable, but there was genuine concern over security and scepticism regarding the processes required. What we find in this research is that the challenges are being overcome, and every kind of function in every kind of industry is being migrated. There are some holdouts, to be sure, but they’re now the exception, and we’re betting they won’t stay that way for long.”

Full insight into the trends can be found in the following infographic:

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