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Micro-donations made easier with social-first mobile app

Spotfund, a mobile micro-donation platform, has launched an iOS app that allows users to fund causes and current events through small donations.

Users can leverage the app to discover and donate to the stories the world is talking about. They can also create a story of their own to raise funds for a cause that matters to them.

While focused on the US at the moment, it’s hoped the initiative will be rolled out to other parts of the world in due course.

Donations are capped at $3 (£2.10) and by closely integrating with major social networks, Spotfund helps turn conversations into results. Users simply drop a token onto a story to contribute $1, $2 or $3 and then share it through social networks platforms via the app, helping the cause go viral.

Each story in Spotfund has a unique spottag, a title denoted by an asterisk – such as *FlintWaterCrisis – that can be shared online or in the physical world as a shortcut.

Impact scores track the size of user civic footprints and increase with each dollar donated – and with each dollar raised by sharing the stories. If a user donates $1 to a cause and shares it with a friend who donates $3, four Impact points will be earned.

Spotfund is partnering with Honeycomb, a social impact software company, to power its nonprofit database and help Spotfund users quantify the impact of donations made through the platform.

“Spotfund is changing the perception of what it means to be civic minded,” explains Michael Marian, COO and co-founder of Spotfund. “By giving our users a platform to tell stories that raise funds for causes, we’re helping people draw personal connections to the events shaping their world, whether in their own backyard or across the Pacific.”

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