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Charities encouraged to embrace mobile payments

Charities are being urged to adopt contactless payment technology as its usage in the UK continues to grow.

Research from MasterCard has found that one in 20 people are using contactless technology via their smartphone, wearable or enabled payments card once a week or more.

And overall, one-quarter of British consumers said that they intend to use their mobile to make contactless payments in the next 12 months.


Android Pay

Following the launch of Android Pay in the UK, the card payment firm is predicting a rise in the adoption of mobile contactless technology in the UK, opening up the huge customer base that owns a device running on Google’s mobile operating system.

MasterCard points to the security and higher payment potential of mobile payments as key drivers of the increased uptake.

Elliott Goldenberg, head of digital payments, MasterCard UK & Ireland said: “Mobile phones offer people the means to make contactless payments over £30 because the user can be verified, for example by means of their fingerprint.

“The other key difference is the use of digital tokens – in short, your card details aren’t passed onto the retailer because they are not stored on the phone in the first place. As consumers increasingly recognise these benefits, mobile payments will begin to see the kind of growth that contactless has had over the last two years.”

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