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Football charity scores with translatable website

Homeless World Cup, the charity that helps homeless people through football, is to roll out a new website that is translatable into different languages to extend its reach across the globe.

The charity’s website is its main channel to spread the word about its mission and how its partners are changing lives around the world. By translating the website into local languages in the regions in which it operates, Homeless World Cup hopes to boost engagement in the charity’s work, as people are more likely to interact with a site is in their native language.

“We are global, and because of that, the whole online presence we have is very important,” said Mel Young, the organisation’s founder and president.

“The website is an integral part of what we are doing in terms of telling our story – we are global and the web is global.”


Managed roll-out

A media statement says that Homeless World Cup is implementing the roll-out in three stages, beginning with putting a test website online to see how regions respond, followed by a roll-out in different regions and languages.

The charity says the secret to success is considering each region separately and the web presence adapted to suit. Young cited Nigeria as an example, where most of the people it wants to target use slow, dial-up internet access.

Web developer Cortex has provided development of the translatable website and advice about how to approach each region free of charge, but has treated the charity as a paying client.

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