‘Pat and tap’ technology boosts fundraising

A team of contactless payment enabled dogs is set to become the world’s first canine fundraisers as they lend a paw to raise money for sick and homeless Blue Cross pets.

‘Tap dogs’ Maverick the border collie, Cherry the lurcher, Ralph the old English sheepdog cross and Labradors Rosie and Smudge have shunned the traditional collection tin in favour of a truly 21st century method, and now sport contactless card technology in their specially-designed jackets.

Anyone wishing to donate can simply ‘pat and tap’ the dog to make a donation using their contactless payment card. The simple, lightweight kit means that, for the first time ever, dogs can do their bit.

Tracy Genever, Blue Cross head of education services said: “With today’s increasingly ‘cashless’ society, it made sense to introduce a contactless option to those wishing to give to Blue Cross.

The dogs are currently on tour, attending various events around the country to help raise funds for the charity.

Photo credit: Blue Cross

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