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Deal makes money transfers in difficult areas easier for NGOs

Western Union Business Solutions and the Bond network have announced a major partnership to provide International NGOs with access to a global payment solutions service to help them get money where it is needed, when it is needed.

Along with expertise on all aspects of their international payment activities this major partnership will help NGOs to better understand and address the currency risks and compliance issues that are specific to working internationally.

This partnership between one of the world’s largest payment providers and NGO networks will help NGOs to make international payments more easily. Western Union Business Solutions already works with several BOND members including: Oxfam, Amar and Internews.

Michael Wright, director of membership and communications at Bond said: “As crises unfold across the world including places like Syria and Somalia, the ability to send money to the frontline underpins the ability of NGOs to deliver life-saving aid.

“Many of our members deal in currencies which are changing all the time – understanding how to manage the risk this exposes them to is vital in order to make sure more of their money is spent on delivering essential projects. Through this partnership with Western Union Business Solutions we can provide NGOs large and small with powerful insights around cash management.”

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  • Susan Walton

    Good to see someone addressing this, hopefully in a cost-effective manner. It would be helpful if the links in the article related to the product though, not to Bitcoin and digital donations. Where can we find out more about it?