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Charity apologises following direct debit error

Concern Worldwide has been forced to apologise after charging direct debit donors up to 100 times more than pledged.

The charity took the wrong amount from 25,000 donors, leaving many in the red and facing bank charges.

The organisation has contacted its supporters to say sorry and advise them to get in contact with their bank and process an indemnity claim.



Concern published a full statement on its website, which said: “An error has been made processing the monthly Direct Debits of some of our supporters. Because of this, we have requested a larger amount than their normal monthly donation. On discovering this error we did our absolute utmost to stop the payments but unfortunately this was not possible.

“We deeply regret any problems caused. We have been working with the banks to identify the best course of action and while it was not possible for us to stop the donation it is possible for you to reverse the transaction.”

The charity added that if any supporter has incurred bank charges as a direct result of this mistake they will be reimbursed in full. A full investigation into the matter is under way to ensure it never happens again.

This is the latest in a series of incidents and bad press that has dented public confidence in the sector.

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