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EU cookie law to be reviewed

The need to warn users about cookies could become a thing of the past after a decision by the European Commission (EC) to review the e-Privacy Directive.

The EC says it will consult with businesses, industry bodies and other stakeholders over possible reforms to the law, which has been widely criticised for being ineffective and annoying.

According to a press statement, the review will have three objectives:

  1. to assess the need to update the directive, and hence to broaden the scope of EU e-privacy rules;
  2. to make e-privacy laws in Europe consistent with the recently passed General Data Protection Regulation; and
  3. to improve the security and confidentiality of communications throughout the EU.

It will also cover consent requirements that encompass the cookie warnings in place since 2013.


Extension of regulations

The EC also revealed that it’s looking to extend its e-Privacy Directive to all providers of communications services. This means it could be extended to social media networks and messaging services such as Skype and WhatsApp.

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