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Charity invites the public to see it’s blind spot

WESC Foundation, the visual impairment charity, has launched a new campaign film aimed at raising the charity’s profile and increasing fundraising opportunities among the charity’s South West target audience.

Creative communications agency AB created the video and the integrated digital campaign surrounding it. Focusing on the concept of #ExetersBlindSpot, the campaign highlights how the people of Exeter are ironically blind to the life-changing work WESC provides every day.

Due to their longstanding relationship with WESC, AB donated time and resources including the new film to the charity free-of-charge.


Compelling and relevant

AB worked with WESC’s marketing and fundraising team, then researched and analysed the local community to ensure the creative idea was compelling and relevant. Social media engagement is central to the campaign, as well as using data to underpin targeting for display, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube advertising.

The campaign went live across various digital channels last week and will run for three months. AB’s digital strategy team will be carefully monitoring all engagement to understand the impact locally as well as carrying out research with different audiences to find out feedback on the campaign.

Ed Burnand, partner at AB, commented “We’ve worked with WESC for a number of years and feel very strongly that they deserve their position as one of the top visual impairment centres in the UK. I know someone who moved his entire family down from the Midlands so his daughter could go attend WESC. We are delighted to have created the #ExetersBlindSpot campaign and hope to see masses of successful for this inspiring organisation.”

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