Forget about data capacity planning, Google expert says

Charities should abandon data capacity planning as the Internet of Things (IoT) tightens its grip on IT.

| 14th Apr 16

Charities should abandon data capacity planning as the Internet of Things (IoT) tightens its grip on IT.

That was the message delivered by Barak Regev, Google’s director of cloud platforms for Europe at this week’s Cloud Expo in London.

During his keynote speech, Regev said that organisations will find it difficult to accurately predict how cloud data capacity requirements will evolve over the coming years and that cloud adoption must be seen as a way to go beyond simply replacing physical infrastructure with cloud services and virtualisation.

“Cloud is not just about hosting, it’s a lot about the software evolution that you and me experience on a daily basis, be it web technologies or mobile technologies,” he said.


Don’t even start

When it comes to IT capacity, he added: “Let’s say you’re a start-up or an enterprise about to launch a new workload. You’re probably going to – at a certain point in time – need to assess how far you go, how far you need to scale and how much capacity you are going to need,” he said.

“One thing we’ve learned at Google is don’t even start to calculate that, because anything you prepare for yourself will not accurately estimate how much more usage you’re going to experience in the next year, two years or even five years.”


IoT explosion

That’s because, Regev stated, the number of data-generating connected devices is set to soar over the coming years as IoT develops. He predicts that we’ll see more disruption and innovation in IT in the next five years than we’ve seen over the last 20 or 30.

“All these devices are listening and trying to send out data to the world, causing data to really explode. Global IP traffic is going to reach more than 2ZB (zettabytes) a year – three times more than today.

“We are living in an era where basically unlimited scale is needed to support our initiatives from a cloud perspective,” he concluded.

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