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Handy online text checking tool launched

Charities can now check their marketing material or social copy before publishing it, thanks to a handy new app.

Expresso, a web-based app, enables users to analyse proposed text – simply by pasting or typing text in. The analysis shows what percentage of sentences are extra-long or short, highlights filler words and exposes weak verbs.

Expresso also highlights weak parts of a text which can benefit from stylistic changes, making editing simpler and more enjoyable. With practice, it will help you develop an eye for awkward phrasing and find possible fixes.


Track improvements

Expresso can also be used to monitor changes in writing style over time. While currently still in beta, the app makes it possible to examine how often certain types of words are used and sentence structure.

While a useful tool, as the app creators themselves say, good writing style remains an art, not a science…

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